That Time of the Year Again

I remember the time this came out on HBO in the mid-90s. My aunt kept asking why I liked watching it every time it came on because, and she said this, it was "too old" for me. I was 12. Told her I wanted to know the reason why they danced My Sharona. She can’t explain it. I guess it was too old for her too.


The film also made me love this song they sang when they hit Ben Stiller’s car. Granted I didn’t know the song back then, but it always amused me when Stiller’s car pulls up and the song on his car cuts through to what they were singing. “MURDER!!!” 


Then a couple of years after, my friends and I were watching it again, and we were all gushing about how this is us right at that moment. Then my friends decided to name their band from this scene.


But then we grew up some more and realized that Troy is a fucking slacker piece of shit. He’s a complete waste and a pretentious asshat with a big mouth at that. Throwing cheesy ass lines like "riding my own melt" and quoting Cool Hand Luke, who the fuck is this guy trying to impress?

And much like Winona’s character, we can’t but help but still like the son of a bitch.


Dammit, this whole post made me want to watch Reality Bites. I have this habit of watching this, alongside High Fidelity, every time my life feels like it’s in the shitter. Looks like it’s that time of the year again.

Ugh, fuck you guys. Thanks for reminding me.


コモンウェルスVOLに変換可能。2 by #100yearsofsadness on Mixcloud

Yeah so we made a #100YearsofSadness mixcloud to host #100YOS mixes and stuff. Here’s コモンウェルスVOLに変換可能。2 aka Convertible to Commonwealth Vol.2

This is one of those nights and the afterglow of going home at 6 in the morning. 

That I still got the movie tickets
From our first film
And I still got the summer mixtape
From way back when
The Smiths is playing on and on and on and on
Singing me to sleep with “Asleep”

This is too fucking good. This is like the anthem of the now but set in a classic film that has an anachronistic soundtrack.


Goddamn this band rules so hard. It has been so long since I’ve last listened to them, and shit still holds up. Shivs on throats are in order if you don’t play this video and listen to Blood: The Natural Lubricant (An Apocalyptic Adventure Beyond Sodom & Gomorrah) EP.

I’m super stoked on the release of homegirl Lexi Hex's Hex Hop mixtape in a couple of months. I helped produce a bunch of tracks on it alongside cats like Eyes and Teeth, Dollamaine, Paosin the Well, 3xit3y3z, etc. And it has features that reads like the who's who of underground internet rap. I also helped make a music video for this one song that only a select few has heard. She's editing it as we speak. It's going to be insane. She’s like a little sister to me at this point. If she doesn’t blow up after this, I’m losing all hope for the music industry.

Also, have I told you that she was like featured on Mishka Bloglin? Because she was. Can’t believe this underage witch for reals. I’ve been doing this music shit for years with almost zero visibility, and here she is coming outta the gate and everyone is all ears. So glad to be part of the ride. Big things, I tell you.

Charli XCX was more hip than you at 16 tho. Rave on you crazy diamond.

Read this thing from 5 years ago and marvel at the fact how someone that said “I want to prove to people that you don’t have to become this big, commercial pop writing machine to be successful,” is now actually a big, commercial pop success. Oh how I remember her old myspace days and Salem remixing her shit.

I get the appeal of Donnalyn Bartlome’s somewhat smash single Kakaibabe. A pretty girl, who looks like she’s jailbait for that matter, singing/rapping about being, well, a different kind of babe. It’s so bad it’s good, but so good it turned bad again. It just might be the Manos Hands of Fate (or The Room, depends on how old you are) of Filipino music this year. It’s Kyla’s Not Your Ordinary Girl part deux. It’s one of those things that you laugh at, then after repeat listens it gets stuck in your head until without even realizing it you start liking it with no hint of irony.

But I’m asking you nicely, please, enough. It had it’s time in the sun. Let it burn out AND fade away. No matter how it grew on you, it’s still an awful piece of “music” and you shouldn’t perpetuate bad music no matter how laughable it is. Posting it, even as a joke, is giving it mileage. Even this shit I’m doing right now is giving that shit song mileage. It was funny the first few times, but the song is already a month old. Lets all move on to the next meme worthy song. Call me a hater, or whatever the fuck you want, alls I’m saying is don’t talk about how OPM is dying (or dead) but you’re there posting garbage like this.

Or not. Whatever. I don’t care anymore. Music is shit. I’m listening to Hannah Diamond.

PS. I won’t even be touching on shit about hipsters liking stuff unironically to be ironic because that’s a whole different discussion altogether. And to those who don’t know about the song, if you’re basically not from around the Philippines, don’t try looking for the song. It is horrible. You have been warned.

-Diane Marie/little cloud

-Diane Marie/little cloud

I haven’t watched All About Lily Chou-Chou for the longest time probably because it is one of the most depressing films I’ve seen in ages. Shunji Iwai is one of my favorite directors and choosing Salyu to do the soundtrack of this film is the most perfect thing anyone has ever thought of. Ever. EVER.

Time for an Iwai marathon again, I suppose. 

This is riding down back to the south from Commonwealth Ave. (Abenida Komonwelt) late at night. Quezon Memorial Circle, Elliptical Road, QC jamz. Retro Future Japan via Philippines.

Super stoned and spent way too much time thinking about the tracklist that when it started recording we just let it ride out and was like “whatev kawaii desu-ne!” True story.

Japanese clock intro
LLLL - Because of My Eyes
マクロスMACROSS 82-99 - Akogare (マクロスMACROSS 82-99 Edit)
WuTranClan - With Me (WuTran x Plungerhands)
Avec Avec - Day by Day feat. 中江友梨
『Drip Drop』- ◅ ≏ ☀ R e n a i C i r c u l a t i o n ☀ ≏ ▻
little cloud - 水中
SOUTAISEIRIRON + Keiichiro Shibuya - スカイライダーズ
Kill Murray - Smoke Blowbacks
Nick Brobak - Cloud Pilgrimage
Yung Lean - Kyoto
After School - 밤 하늘에 (Smoke Room Remix)
Eliot the French Kid - あなたのためだけに
Yoshino Yoshikawa - Yumetatsu Glider feat. Yuzusa
♡kitty♡ - bad thinking about you
유카리 - 8PM (Remix by Shin)
Daniel J. Carville - Never Think You’re a Bitch Again
nakinyko - Tomadoi Mischief | Mikakunin de Shinkoukei x Tame Impala

Made a minimix with the songs that I’ve been listening to lately because I was procrastinating earlier at writing these things I was suppose to write and I was watching Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed on cable. Which reminds me, Ginger Snaps 2 is already 10 years old this year. I feel really old.

Ginger Snaps Intro
indi. - Stay
American Football - Never Meant (8-bit mix)
Grimes - Go feat. Blood Diamonds
Kat Vin - Bay Area
Pia Lina - Such Great Heights (The Postal Service Cover)
Marissa Nadler - Game of Thrones (Vocal Cover)

"Even when you’re happy, you’re miserable. And you don’t have to be." -CB

"Even when you’re happy, you’re miserable. And you don’t have to be." -CB



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So me and Cigarette Girls aka #100YearsofSadness made a mix for our fave blog in blogland Parallel Planets.

Parallel Planets presents ‪#‎100YearsOfSadness‬in Orbeatuary: She Gets What She Wants

Included: Tove Lo, GEMS, Grimes, and many more
Read more and listen:

So me and Cigarette Girls aka #100YearsofSadness made a mix for our fave blog in blogland Parallel Planets.

Parallel Planets presents ‪#‎100YearsOfSadness‬
in Orbeatuary: She Gets What She Wants

Included: Tove Lo, GEMS, Grimes, and many more

Read more and listen:

It was a bad idea to drink from 10pm to 5pm. Won’t be doing that shit again any time soon.