Sway, just move with me darling.

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(Source: 8-bitfiction)

This cover along with Iyes’ Crazy in Love cover wins 2014’s Best Cover Award. What do you mean there’s no such thing as a BCA? Wtf is wrong with you people?

My words can come out as a pistolI’m no good at aimingBut I can aim it at you

My words can come out as a pistol
I’m no good at aiming
But I can aim it at you

This is pretty much me the past 2 days. I don’t even know what’s happening anymore. I need to fix my sleep patterns and keep on smoking the dank shit. Pizza and tacos later for my sister’s birthday. Stoked.

That was gibberish omfg.

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Grimes - GO (Ft. Blood Diamonds) @ FYF Fest, Los Angeles, California. August 23 2014

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There’s nothing more dangerous than a wounded heart.





You know I gots that LP1 forever on loop right?




Don’t worry about my broken heart
worry bout my broken heart  -

Incense and bibles, I’m running down the crystal lakes
My patience on the pavements, pour my lament out in porcelain
Crown my thoughts with love
Don’t worry about my broken heart
in my chest wearing my best colors bleed out on the fragile parts
You want to fight the craze
I want to rise to lift this weight
Whatever price I pay
life falls better in the blue

Miss of your poor bed like my forehead
like my sweetness right around your waist
in fault lines into gold mines where your blood shines
cause the earths to quake
I’m seeing crazy revelations
I’m singing lazy incantations
I’m seeing your face in my chalice
I’m singing your praise in my palace.  
Fingers all around your waist

Don’t worry about my broken heart,
worry about my broken heart.

Always calling to you
wasting all my good intentions 
its alright to falter from these heights
Don’t know what you do
I’m chasing all my lost inventions
can’t make this right as I’m floating through these heights.

That Time of the Year Again

I remember the time this came out on HBO in the mid-90s. My aunt kept asking why I liked watching it every time it came on because, and she said this, it was "too old" for me. I was 12. Told her I wanted to know the reason why they danced My Sharona. She can’t explain it. I guess it was too old for her too.


The film also made me love this song they sang when they hit Ben Stiller’s car. Granted I didn’t know the song back then, but it always amused me when Stiller’s car pulls up and the song on his car cuts through to what they were singing. “MURDER!!!” 


Then a couple of years after, my friends and I were watching it again, and we were all gushing about how this is us right at that moment. Then my friends decided to name their band from this scene.


But then we grew up some more and realized that Troy is a fucking slacker piece of shit. He’s a complete waste and a pretentious asshat with a big mouth at that. Throwing cheesy ass lines like "riding my own melt" and quoting Cool Hand Luke, who the fuck is this guy trying to impress?

And much like Winona’s character, we can’t but help but still like the son of a bitch.


Dammit, this whole post made me want to watch Reality Bites. I have this habit of watching this, alongside High Fidelity, every time my life feels like it’s in the shitter. Looks like it’s that time of the year again.

Ugh, fuck you guys. Thanks for reminding me.